Hi there!

I’m Sara, (aka "Sara Pista") a photographer and retoucher based in Madrid, Spain.

I like to think that I photograph the ordinary to try to make it extraordinary. You will usually find me out and about shooting all sorts of fun events, so give me a shout if you see me!

I fell in love with photography the minute I touched a film camera back at university. Everything has changed since then!

After my degree in Communication Sciences and a quick visit to EFTI School of Photography, I ended up doing a Masters Degree in Fashion photography in London, where I also lived for four years.

It turned out I’m not into Breakfast Tea and I do need a bit of sun on my pale skin every now and then, so in 2014 I moved back to Madrid, where I currently live with my slightly bipolar cat.

If you have a project in mind, or you just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to contact me; I’d love to hear from you.

See you soon!

Past Events:

Swingmood Fest, Madrid (19th - 22nd January 2017)

Move Your Bottom, Valencia (2nd - 5th March 2017)

IsThereHop?, Zurich (13th - 17th April 2017)

Big Experience, Candeleda (24th - 27th August 2017)

Madrid in Pulse, Madrid (8th - 10th September 2017)

Mojo Swing Festival, Canary Islands (12th - 15th October 2017)

Rock That Swing, Munich (8th - 12th February 2018)

Move Your Bottom, Valencia (1st - 4th March)

Nubalboa, Madrid (9th - 11th March)

Menorca Lindy Exchange, Menorca (4th - 7th Mayo)

SwingMood Fest, Madrid (17th - 20th May)

BeSwing Festival, Gerona (22nd - 24th June)

Future Events:

Madrid in Pulse, Madrid (7th - 9th September)

Lindy Cake, Freiburg (20th - 23rd September)

Zaraswing, Zaragoza (19th - 21st October)

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