About me

Sara Cerrada (aka 'Sara Pista') is a Spanish photographer who was born in 1987. Sara found her passion about photography during her 3rd year at University, when she discover the beauty of Film Photography. She then decided that she wanted to become a Professional Photographer, but she needed to know more. A year in Brussels, a year in EFTI School of Photography and 5 years of Master Degree in Madrid wasn't enough for her, so by the end of 2010 she packed her stuff and moved to the UK.

After 15 months she graduated from the London College of Fashion, having studied a MA in Fashion Photography in 2012. During her third year in London she worked as a Photography Retoucher for Net-a-Porter, where she consolidated her photographic skills in the Fashion Business.

In March 2014, she decided to put an end to her English adventure and get back to Spain, where she currently works for her own Company 'Sara Pista Image Maker'. A few months after getting back to Madrid she discovered the Swing Scene and so she started dancing Lindy Hop, which has changed her lifestyle in many ways. Ever since then Sara has combined her 'Swing Outs' with her Photographs, which can be a perfect mix. She's photographed several Swing Camps both National and International.

She is now proud to say that she's managed to put three of her great passions together: Photography, Traveling and Swing.

Sara currently lives and works as a freelance photographer and retoucher in Madrid.

Future Events:

Rock That Swing, Munich (8th - 12th February)

Move Your Bottom, Valencia (1th - 4th March)

Menorca Lindy Exchange, Menorca (4th - 7th Mayo)

SwingMood Fest, Madrid (17th - 20th May)

Zaraswing, Zaragoza (19th - 21st October)

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